On 6th of February 2020, Dr. Shaharin has invited new team members from Mechanical Engineering Department (ME), Petroleum Engineering Department (PE), and Civil and Environmental Engineering Department (CVE) to present on the newly awarded international Erasmus project, Marine Coastal and Delta Sustainability for Southeast Asia (MARE).                         Dr. Shaharin introduced the involved organization partners, background, objectives, duration and expected outcomes of the project. He also shared the information on the potential courses that would be beneficial and related to the theme of MARE.  


On the same day, during Session 2, dissemination on MARE was also conducted at Lecture Theatre C6 to 138 final year Undergraduate students and a few postgraduates from PE Department. The speaker of the sharing session, Haizatul Hafizah, presented to the audience that UTP has been awarded with an international grant, funded from the European Union (EU). In her presentation, she shared on the project objectives as well as explained the opportunity of activity which the students can join. For instance, students are able to participate in a Summer School programme in which they will be able to experience new cultures and ways of learning from abroad. There are a lot of other benefits they may gain through their experiences by participating the programmes despite the aforementioned.