The Delft3D FM suite workshop is a five-day training session aiming to give the participants some first hands-on experience in using the software to define the input of basic scenarios, verify the input, execute the simulation and inspect the results. On the first day of the workshop, participants will be given a brief introduction about the software and taught on how to create a land boundary and computational grids for the study area. The second day of the workshop will be focused on defining the input for the hydrodynamic simulation, in which all the parameters to be used originate from the same area being modeled. The hydrodynamic model simulation will be executed on the third day of the workshop. Further, the post processing program to visualize or animate the simulation results will be introduced to the participants. On the last two days of the workshop, participants will be given a freedom in getting familiarized with the software using their own set of data. The instructor will guide the participants if they are facing any problems with the simulation.

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