A series of online webinars that cover various topic on Geoscience has been conducted by the Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) and Universiti Malaysia Terengganu. The webinar series aimed to provide insightful and latest findings within geoscience field to students and public. The webinar series kick off in March 2021 with the talk by Dr. Abdul Halim (UTP) on the Introduction on Seismic Data Processing. The talk has been attended by undergraduates and postgraduate students from UMT. The attendees were exposed on the technical processes in seismic data analysis. The second and third session of the webinar series took place in April 2021. A talk on micropaleontology theme have been presented by Dr. Wan Nurzalia and Dr. Fatin Izzati from UMT. This time around attendees of the webinars were exposed to the application of micropaleontology study in predicting the future and understanding the past changes of planet Earth. The attendees were undergraduate, postgraduate, industrial partner (Mineral and Geoscience Department of Malaysia) and faculty members from UTP and UMT. Finally, a talk by Gs. Dr. Muhammad Hafeez on the Electromagnetic Method for Investigating Antarctica Ice-sheet Stability ended the webinar series in July 2021. The talk was very successful with attendance from students and faculty members from UTP and UMT.

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