The 2nd International Conference on Marine and Advanced Technologies was conducted on 24th August
2021. It is annual event organized by Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Marine Engineering
Technology. It is home grown conference with the ideas to involve with the participation from local and
international researchers and inventors.
MARE was requested to participate in the conference with the special theme unfortunately the invitation
not capture the intention of others team members.
The conference was collaborating with the academia and stakeholder. It is the platform to change and
update the latest technologies involve in engineering and operations especially in maritime sector. More
then 75 papers have been presented during the event.
Organizer give an opportunity for MARE to advertise and promote the project during the parallel
session. The information has circulated for their info and further discussion.
The event was made successful through collaboration between the Research and Innovation Section,
Dean’s Office, Marketing Unit (MeSRA)

ATTENDEES: Approx. 100 pax.

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