On 26th August 2021, UMT invited Dr. Hong Chern Wern, Executive Manager of Water Watch Penang, to share his experience about river system conservation with the student who enrolled MMS3003 Environment – Issue and Global Perspective via WebEX. The title of his presentation was River and Water Awareness Education Programme, focusing on how education can help increase awareness to conserve the Malaysia river system. Dr. Hong also shares several methods used by researchers to determine water quality. One of the interesting discussions between the audience and Dr. Hong is the role of an aquatic insect as the water quality indicator. At the end of the talk, Dr. Hong showed Malaysian river pollution status, categorised into different states based on the Water Quality Index by the Department of Environment, Malaysia. After the talks, a round table discussion between the audience and Dr. Hong focuses on how we as educators and students can help increase awareness to help conserve our freshwater resources. For more information about Water Watch Penang, please visit https://www.waterwatchpenang.org/.

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