The Postgraduate Colloquium was plan on 8th December 2021. It is an event organize by Postgraduate
Section, Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Marine Engineering Technology. It is created to
inculcate research and innovation culture among researchers and postgraduate students, and it is
conducted in semester basis.
It is home grown activity with the ideas for sharing with others academia with the study made by
postgraduate students. The event participates by local and international postgraduate students also
involve our own staff that pursuing their study.
The colloquium will help the postgraduate students to growth their confident while sharing their outcome
and exchange their project novelty for future development. Organizer give an opportunity for MARE to
advertise and promote the project during the session. The information has circulated for their info and
further discussion.

ATTENDEES Approx. 40 pax.