1st August 2021 Welcoming and Orientation Day for 1st year Students

The Welcoming and Orientation Day event hosted by UniKL and UniKL MIMET was conducted on 1st
August 2021 for Bachelor programme and 17th July 2021 for postgraduate programme. It was attended
by approximately 50 new 1st year students. The briefing was conducted by Lecturer and team member,
Mrs Azila Ayub. The main contents of the briefing include the introduction of the UniKL campus as well
as the introduction to the MARE that UniKL is part of.

Information about the project as overall and the contribution of the courses in Bachelor of Maritime
Operation and Master of Maritime Operations and Management were explained. Speaker also
highlighted the possibility of student involvement in Summer School and exchange students under the
The event was made successful through collaboration between the Dean’s Office, Marketing Unit
(MeSRA) and the Academic Services Section (AcSS).

15 July 2021 -Geoscience Webinar Series by UTP and UMT

A series of online webinars that cover various topic on Geoscience has been conducted by the Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) and Universiti Malaysia Terengganu. The webinar series aimed to provide insightful and latest findings within geoscience field to students and public. The webinar series kick off in March 2021 with the talk by Dr. Abdul Halim (UTP) on the Introduction on Seismic Data Processing. The talk has been attended by undergraduates and postgraduate students from UMT. The attendees were exposed on the technical processes in seismic data analysis. The second and third session of the webinar series took place in April 2021. A talk on micropaleontology theme have been presented by Dr. Wan Nurzalia and Dr. Fatin Izzati from UMT. This time around attendees of the webinars were exposed to the application of micropaleontology study in predicting the future and understanding the past changes of planet Earth. The attendees were undergraduate, postgraduate, industrial partner (Mineral and Geoscience Department of Malaysia) and faculty members from UTP and UMT. Finally, a talk by Gs. Dr. Muhammad Hafeez on the Electromagnetic Method for Investigating Antarctica Ice-sheet Stability ended the webinar series in July 2021. The talk was very successful with attendance from students and faculty members from UTP and UMT.

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National Marine Geology Webinar is an annual event under the umbrella of Institute of Geology Malaysia (IGM). The host of this event were rotational given among the peers and affiliate of IGM which includes University Technology of PETRONAS (UTP).

This webinar already running for the 3rd year and this year UTP were selected to become the host. In conjunction with that and since UTP is a member of ERASMUS+ MARE initiative, a collaborative event was plan for this year National Marine Geology Webinar.



2nd May 2021: Industry in Classroom_Awareness on Marine and Coastal Pollution

The talk was attended by 53 undergraduate students.  It covered topics on various type of pollutants such as sewage, plastics, E-waste, etc., in our environment. The talk focused on marine debris and plastic pollution and how we as an individual could do to reduce the marine debris. The students also exposed to the decomposition timeline of various type of marine debris in the environment. After the talk, students were given a group assignment in jamboard to present I’am not plastic project.

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21 April 2021 UniSmartItaly

UniSmartItaly is a virtual fair presenting the Italian academic system in synergy with the business system, especially with Italian companies in Vietnam. It is organized by the Conference of Italian University Rectors-CRUI and the Italian Trade Agency-ICE, with the support of the Embassy of Italy in Vietnam and Uni-Italia, the association promoting the Italian Higher Education abroad.
Through plenary sessions, thematic sessions and online B2B meetings, the participating Italian universities and companies offer visitors – students, parents, Vietnamese high schools, Vietnamese universities, Vietnamese companies interested in Italy – the opportunity to: get to know the Italian higher education system as an integrated scientific-entrepreneurial system and its opportunities for Vietnamese students; identify the right motivation to study in Italy; understand the added value of the connections between universities and the Italian productive world. UniSmartItaly represents a unique opportunity to: welcome new Vietnamese students to Italian universities, offering internship opportunities in Italian companies; establish or strengthen new relationships between all participating universities and companies.

University of Catania participated in promoting the MARE project and the support in revision of the new course in Vietnam.

See details: The revision of University Master Courses in Vietnamese Higher Education Institution for climate change management and adaptation


14 – 18 March 2021: DELFT3D FM SUITE WORKSHOP

The Delft3D FM suite workshop is a five-day training session aiming to give the participants some first hands-on experience in using the software to define the input of basic scenarios, verify the input, execute the simulation and inspect the results. On the first day of the workshop, participants will be given a brief introduction about the software and taught on how to create a land boundary and computational grids for the study area. The second day of the workshop will be focused on defining the input for the hydrodynamic simulation, in which all the parameters to be used originate from the same area being modeled. The hydrodynamic model simulation will be executed on the third day of the workshop. Further, the post processing program to visualize or animate the simulation results will be introduced to the participants. On the last two days of the workshop, participants will be given a freedom in getting familiarized with the software using their own set of data. The instructor will guide the participants if they are facing any problems with the simulation.

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